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Mountain or Mole Hill

on Mar 10, 2015 | 0 comments

Often, when people come to see me, they almost apologize for attending a session and taking my time.  They say things like “there are so many people who have problems worse than mine.”  I’m not sure why people do this.  Sometimes they may be trying to minimize their issues and other times they may have had life experiences that have given them the message that they’re not worth others investing their time in them.  Whatever the case may be the reality is whether a client comes to me with a mountain or a mole hill of an issue, it’s important that they come.  When I’m asked who should attend therapy I reply “I’m a therapist.  I think everyone should go to therapy.” And while I say this with humour attached, the reality is I do believe that everyone can benefit from it.  Sometimes a person needs to talk through or process a situation.  Other times the client may need to delve into dark issues from the past. Whatever the case may be, there really are no issues to big or small to work through with a qualified therapist.  For those who think their issue isn’t big enough I can only say that I wish more people would bring their issues to the counselling room while they are still small—before they become overwhelming.  Mole hills are easy and quick to climb; mountains take a bit longer.